Whats it about?
The Maungaturoto Residents Association put out a survey in 2011 to ask residents how they felt about their town.

There was an overwhelming response with residents all wanting to see improvements made to the "look" of the town.

Hearing about this, local artist/designer Richard Moore asked if they would like to view some initial ideas he had visualised for Maungaturoto.

These designs were then made available at a public meeting for feedback and consideration.  It was then decided after several meetings to go ahead with the knowledge that there was no money available from the local council.

The Maungaturoto Residents Association and the 150 year Celebrations committee, decided that it was a perfect opportunity to beautify Maungaturoto ready for the 150 year Celebrations coming up on 1-3 November 2013.

It was then decided to resurrect the old Wharf at the bottom of Bickerstaffe Road  (just down from the Otamatea High School.

The beautification and wharf project will benefit every family,business owner, visitor and tourist. The wharf will give us back the Kaipara Harbour and make it a playground for Kayaks, boats, fishing and water sports.

Come and join us to make your town better.

Contact Albie or Richard for more information.

Wharf and Boat Ramp concept drawing - Bickerstaffe Road Maungaturoto
Dreams Gift Store Garden Concept Drawing
Chemist - Ray White Real Easte and Library Concept Drawings
Gas Station Area
Park Area on Hurndall St Maungaturoto
Park Area, Hurndall Street Maungaturoto
The 3 stages of the corner of Whaka & Hurndall St
Maungaturoto Chemist Garden Concept Drawing

All pictures have been designed by local artist/designer Richard Moore.

They represent what the gardens will look like in about 10 years time.

Due to restrictions, donations and artistic license, some gardens and plants may change as the project progresses.

Bickerstaffe Road Wharf & Garden Concept Drawing
Images still to come:
Gas Station Area
& more!